Marieke is truly a miracle worker. Both my parents are doctors so I usually refer to them for medical advice. A couple of times they’ve been stumped, and so I’ve asked Marieke.

First my toddler had molluscum contagiousum, which a dermatologist advised was virtually incurable and can last up to two years with open sores covering most of the body. Marieke’s suggestion worked within a few days, much to the astonishment of myself and my doctor parents.

Secondly my baby was only passing a stool every 10 days and crying for hours at a time. Marieke suggested I change my diet (baby was being breastfed), and within a couple of weeks baby was passing a stool a daily without pain.

Marieke is very knowledgable and bases her recommendations on extensive research.  I’m always raving to friends and colleagues about how amazing Marieke is: I’d highly recommend her to anyone, whether it’s for general advice on better nutrition or a more specific topic.

Sara, Sydney 2013

Dear Marieke,

I can’t thank you enough for giving me all your wonderful advice and knowledge, I just feel so much better since I’ve been on the nutrition plan you gave me.  My energy levels are better, I feel more alert and my sleep has improved dramatically.  After being constipated for years, I’m now very regular on the toilet and no longer suffer from bloating and discomfort. The pre-menstrual symptoms that I used to constantly suffer from, such as, sore/tender breasts, mood swings and breakouts have all but disappeared…I can’t believe it!!

I just love the recipes that you gave me, they’re so incredibly delicious as well as easy to make, and I’ve now got the whole family eating them which I couldn’t be happier about.  So it’s not just me who’s benefiting from my new diet and lifestyle changes!

I will definitely continue on this path as the improvements have been so amazing and I know I don’t ever want to feel like I used to.  I wish I’d had a consultation with you years ago!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Jane, Sydney 2013